The Thinking Partnership Programme

The Thinking Partnership Programme is the fundamental programme on the Thinking Environment, as described in Nancy Kline's books: Time to Think, More Time to Think, and The Promise that Changes Everything.

The purpose of a Thinking Environment is to enable people to do their very best independent thinking - to think as themselves and for themselves.

The Thinking Environment offers a framework - 10 components - and a set of findings that inform our practice  to enable the very best independent thinking.

It has proved transformative of my own work, as a coach, facilitator, and supervisor of coaches, ever since I first trained with Nancy in 2016.  I have since completed several more trainings, to qualify as a coach and a facilitator using this approach, and have blogged extensively about it.

This programme offers an in-depth introduction to this work in the context of one-to-one conversations, or Thinking Partnerships.  It takes place over three days (2 + 1) at our home/office in the Lake District, and is highly immersive and experiential. For that reason, we have a maximum of six participants on the programme.

The next available dates are 9/10 March and 21 April 2023 and the price is £900 (+VAT). Complete the booking form below or contact me for further details.

Beyond that I will be running programmes in the autumn, and will publish the dates here and on the official Time To Think site shortly.

The benefits I expect participants to gain from the programme are:

  • A strong working understanding of the Thinking Partnership process, and the findings that underlie it

  • The ability to support and challenge others to do great thinking, powerfully and consistently

  • Enhanced coaching and facilitation skills

  • Enhanced line management skills

  • Increased emotional intelligence, including greater self awareness and self management skills.

I offer an introduction to the 10 components in the video and podcast below (each is just over 6 minutes long). Don't hesitate to get back to me if you have any questions about the programme.



Introduction to the Thinking Environment
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What people say


Previous participants have said:


The Thinking Partnership programme was hugely impactful both for me as an in-house coach to use in my practice and as a senior manager grappling with multiple complex problems enabling me to reflect on strategic challenges and find a way through the “noise”.

I would highly recommend this programme:

1. to individuals who are looking for a way to enhance the use of their thinking time and develop easily applied strategies to optimise their problem solving abilities; 

2. to teams to generate comprehensive reflections, thoughts and innovative ideas within a short time frame;

3. to coaches who want to use this technique within their own practice to support others.


Sophie Sowerby, Assistant Director HR, Durham University


I recently attended Andrew's superb Thinking Environment programme. I have been an executive coach for almost 30 years: and yet this Programme helped me take my thinking and coaching practice to a new level. It has significantly reframed my approach. The Programme had two outstanding qualities:

  • 3 days of quality thinking time on what matters to me

  • experiential learning on Nancy Kline's 10 Components of the Thinking Environment.


A real joy!


Alan Ross,  Managing Partner, Ark Associates

I really enjoyed the practice based approach you used throughout the three days. Your role in the group was perfectly pitched - it felt like we were a group of equal thinkers, but you had more insight into the TP approach, which you shared generously with us. I really appreciated you sharing your experiences of using the approach in different contexts and also current knowledge of changes and  discussions with Nancy. This felt as if we were up to date with the latest thinking. 

Ruth Leggett, Ruth Leggett Coaching

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