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This page has all the resources you may wish to download to support the Whatever Next? programme.


You can also download/print the list here.

1. Foundational

Career Considerations - a brief handout discussing the three interlocking considerations of Strengths, Aspirations and Opportunities and how to engage with them.


Achievements Review - a pro forma for you to use to gather and analyse your achievements: this is foundational for a lot of the other processes/documents in the programme.


Processes that depend on prior completion of this Achievements Review are marked with an asterisk *.

2. Aspirations, Values and Needs

Values and Needs * - this exercise will help you to consider what is important to you in your next role, and what to avoid, in terms of values and needs.


With the End in Mind - this exercise helps you to take a balanced look at what you want to achieve.

3. Strengths and Skills

Ability Analysis *- this document will help you to analyse your achievements in terms of the underlying abilities demonstrated, and develop a clear sense of your transferable strengths.




Ability Analysis Template * - this spreadsheet is used conjunction with the previous document to complete your Ability Analysis

4. Presenting Yourself

Thinking about a CV - some tips on how to present yourself in writing.

5. Developing Opportunities

Developing Options and Segmentation - this will help you to think more broadly, or in a more focused way, about where to put your energies in terms of developing opportunities.



Information Meetings - a guide to planning and running effective meetings with key contacts in support of your job search strategy.

6. Looking After Yourself

Resilience Self Audit - a reflective document to help you to look after your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing in difficult times.



Affirmations - a strategy for overcoming negative self-talk that may sabotage you.

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