Do you want to:
  • think more deeply about complex and fraught issues?
  • identify and remove limiting assumptions or narratives?
  • explore different perceptual positions?
  • develop and sustain your resilience?
  • convert thought into action and action into learning?


Does your team need to:
  • think better collectively?
  • reach deeper consensus?
  • disagree more productively?
  • learn faster than the rate of external change?
  • act effectively?

I work in a variety of ways to generate effective learning that has practical application.

In some cases I am working with individuals on a one to one basis through coaching or perhaps a day’s walking in the Lake District.

In other cases I am working with teams or groups, either through specifically designed team events, training workshops on specific skills or perhaps at a strategic level.

My work is informed by Nancy Kline's Thinking Environment and my own Shifting Stories approach, as well as a substantial body of research-informed tools, models and theories.

Whether you are a leader in your field or new in your role I can help you to move forward.


This experience was life changing for me.

Without it I can honestly say that I would probably not be able to work in the stressful job that I am working in now. Thank you Andrew.

Andrew is an excellent coach - I would highly recommend him. He is a very good listener, and new conceptual models or frameworks are introduced in a very helpful and open, non-jargon kind of way. His familiarity with HE and its differences from other kinds of industry is a real asset as well.

Andrew is a thoughtful and thought-provoking coach. I really enjoyed our coaching conversations. Andrew's rich insights and support were very valuable. 


A day’s walking in the Lake District is ideal for people who ...

  • Recognise the value of time and space away from the workplace,

  • Want a completely confidential sounding board,

  • Enjoy a strenuous walk, and

  • Expect to be challenged and questioned to hone their thinking.

Shifting Stories is a book for managers, coaches, and consultants who wish to help people improve their performance.


It looks at the stories that people make up (their internal accounts of reality) and how those can sometimes be very unhelpful. It then discusses how to help people discover or access more helpful stories, and how to strengthen those more helpful stories in order to make them come true.

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